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Hi, I created MOMSO from my love of sewing.  The name MOMSO stands for Michelle Osbourne Matthiasson Sewing Oasis, which is exactly what it is to me, an oasis of calm and creativity.


Over the last few years sewing and needlework have grown in popularity, and making it accessible to the masses is my mission. When running workshops at the Centrepoint Homeless charity it was clear there was a need for sewing services, classes and workshops. 2023 is the year we start looking at ways to reduce waste by using recycled materials.

Sewing is part of me, inherited from my mother and grandmother. My wonderful Grandma, Mrs Avis Barrett taught me all she knew, I often sat at her feet as a 4-year-old whilst she was creating beautiful wedding dresses long into the early hours of the morning.

I gained my professional experience working as an apprentice for 3 years under the watchful eye of Freydis Jonsdottir,  a master textiles and fashion designer from Iceland creating custom-made swimwear and children's clothing. I went on to work for 66°NORTH Iceland for a further 2 years honing my skills to a global level. 

The Great British Sewing Bee​

In 2013 Michelle Osbourne Matthiasson appeared on The Great British Sewing Bee, displaying her amazing talents and wowing the judges with her creativity. After her debut she was commissioned by the celebrity stylist Arabella Boyce to create a frock coat for the amazing Jennifer Saunders in her Ab Fab movie. Michelle has worked on many exciting projects since then.

Click here to see Michelle in action.


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Michelle Osbourne Matthiasson


Born In Nottingham

 Sewing from the age of 5.  

Apprenticeship in Iceland working with major brands -  66°NORTH Iceland, Galley Freydis and Cintamani

Mrs Avis Barrett

My Inspiration

Mrs Avis Barret, ever present 

inspiration for MOMSO, self taught in Jamaica back in the 1940's passing on her knowledge from generation to generation. Priceless! 

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Tel: 07515 530 746


The Remakery

51 Lilford Road



United Kingdom

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