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Client Terms and Condition Agreement

Momso carries out a wide variety of services: bespoke tailoring, dressmaking, alterations, repairs for both garments and soft furnishings, sample and product making. We also provide upholstery service upon request.


By placing an order or booking an appointment with us you declare that you are aware and fully agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Pricing & Payment

1.1 Indicative Pricing: Prices on our website are indicative of the service required.


1.2 Individualized Quotations: Orders will be personally priced by the Head seamstress or Owner.


1.3 Complex Orders Estimate: For intricate orders, an estimate based on required hours may be provided, subject to potential changes. Efforts will be made to communicate promptly any adjustments of price.


1.4 Pre-work Price Discussion: Any concerns regarding the quoted price should be addressed before work initiation. Retroactive negotiations post-commencement are not endorsed.


1.5 Same day/ Nextday order: For orders required the same or next day, a rush fee of 35% or 50% applies at the Owner's discretion.

1.6 Payment Upon Agreement: Full payment may be required upon mutual agreement of the price and order processing, preceding any applicable work, on discretion of the Owner.


1.7 Order Cancellation: If for any reason the client decide to stop alterations to the garment,  payment will still be required for the work that has already been completed.

1.8 Accepted Payment Methods: We accept credit/debit cards or cash transactions, denominated in pounds sterling (£), and bank transfer.

2. Garments Conditions


2.1 Clean or Washed : please ensure that garments are clean before they are presented for repair or alteration.

2.2 Damaged garment:  Alterations are completed to the best of our abilities. In the case of proper care not being taken by the client to ensure the wellbeing of the garment, we are not liable for any breakage or damage to the garment.

3. Fittings

3.1 The Client acknowledges that the alterations are based on the first fitting. If these measurements are no longer applicable by the time the dress should be finished, this is not the fault of Momso.


3.2 We do not accept responsibility for errors where pinning or measuring has not been undertaken by a member of staff.



4. Collection of Goods


4.1 When placing an order you will be advised of collection date/time, this is an estimate and can be subject to change. Efforts will be made to communicate this promptly.

4.2 You will receive an SMS message to advise when your order is completed and ready for collection.


4.3 Unclaimed garments will be cleared from storage if not collected within 90 days of the due date and time on your ticket.


5. Claims

5.1 All garments should be tried on, by leaving the studio with the garment once collected the client agrees that the work was done completely.


5.2 Any alterations needed after the garment has left the studio within the first 48 hours can be discussed, after that they will be treated as new alterations and charged as such.

6. Consultation for Bespoke Order

6.1. Only for bespoke order we hold an initial consultation of 1 hour free of charge if the order is placed, within this time we can speak about materials, drawing your design and anything pertaining to your desired garment. If no order is placed the consultation will incur a charge of £46 per hour.


6.2 A sourcing service is available, when a member staff will gather appropriate material for your given design starting from £70 per day.


6.3 Any material pre purchased by our staff members will have to be reimbursed before cutting of the garment.

7. Right to refuse

7.1 We reserve the right to refuse service to any client for reasons including but not limited to circumstances of actual or implied physical or verbal abuse towards our staff members.

8. Emergency

8.1 Limitation of Liability: In unforeseeable incidents, Momso is not responsible for any loss or damages, including but not limited to fire, flood, vehicle accidents, or break-ins.

Privacy Policy

We value and protect your privacy with the utmost care.

 1. Information we collect: We collect only the necessary information to tailor our services to your needs, ensuring a focused and efficient service.

2. How we use your information: Your information is utilized exclusively to enhance your Momso experience. We prioritize precision in its application, aligning with your preferences.


 3. Sharing (or not sharing) your information: Your personal details are treated with the highest confidentiality. Momso refrains from sharing your information without explicit consent.


4. Security measures: Our commitment to your privacy is reflected in stringent security measures. Robust digital safeguards are in place to protect your sensitive data.

5. Your choices: Customize your privacy settings to align with your preferences. Momso respects and accommodates your individual choices regarding the use of your information.


 6. Updates to our privacy policy: Our privacy policy may be subject to changes. Any modifications will be communicated to ensure you are informed and reassured about our practices.

7. Contact us: For any inquiries or concerns regarding your privacy, feel free to contact us. Your privacy is our commitment, handled with the utmost professionalism at Momso.

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Tel: 07515 530 746


The Remakery

51 Lilford Road



United Kingdom

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