Alterations & Bespoke  Tailoring

Trousers & Jeans

Prices From:

Shorten :

-Plain £18-22

-Turn up £27

-Suit £25

Shorten incl.lining £32

Hem turn up £30

Lengthen £25-27

New zip plain £18

New zip invisible £18

Taper legs 2 plain seams £32

Taper legs 4 plain seams £45

Take in waist & seat £33

Take in waist £27

Let out waist  £27

Re-hem (2 legs) £25

New pockets (2) £30

General repairs start from £18


Coats & Jackets

Prices From

Shorten £45

New zip (metal/ plastic zip) £45-60(zip extra)

Shorten sleeves with buttons £45

Shorten sleeves w/out buttons £35

Take in (with lining) £45.00

Take in sides & back £55.00

New Elastic Cuffs £30

Collar turn £25

Full re-line from £120.00

Blouses &Tops

Prices From:

Shorten / lengthen plain £22

Narrow shoulders £25

Shorten sleeves plain £20

Replace pads £20

Take in sides, armhole to hem £22

Skirts & Dresses

Prices From:

Shorten or lengthen hem £30

Shorten with lining £32

Shorten hem pleated £40-80

Let-out/take-in waist £27

Let-out/take-in waist & hips £45

Replace lining (full length) £40-50

New zip plain inc. zip £18-35

New zip with lining £24-40

New zip invisible £18-35

Reinforce splits £15

Shorten straps £21

Shorten lined straps £30

Sports & School Uniforms 

Prices From

Shorten sleeves or hem £15

Shorten pleated skirt £25

Shorten sleeves with cuffs £11

Take in sides £12

Make darts £8 Each

Turn Collar £12

Labels  £2.50 Each

All prices are starting from, contact Michelle for further details on 07515530746

All Types Of Sewing Projects Accepted

 Bespoke Cushion covers, christening Gowns, samples, Prototypes, bag making and mending, costumes, clothes modification, upcycling, soft furnishings and even small upholstery projects.

Rates £40 per hour for all sewing services

inc. Soft furnishings and upholstery


Bespoke Dressmaking and Tailoring Service

All bespoke requests are priced individually, guide prices and order details are listed below


Casual Day dress, mid length dress - From £190


 Occasional, Lined or Fancy dress - From £350


 Bridesmaids or Special occasion dress - From £500

Wedding Dresses, Prom style dresses - From £1500

Fitted Trousers £220


Men's Tailoring also available



Average lead time for bespoke orders 10 days to 2 weeks.

Garments can be copied from existing clothing, Sewing pattern or made to measure.

If  the service you require is not listed above please contact Michelle at MOMSO on 07515 530 746 for a friendly informal chat or send a request via the contact page for a quote